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Piozila is a grid-based movement puzzle game
with adorable colorful graphics.

Solve puzzles, avoid fires and traps, and above all
beware of humans.

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Your goal is to help a small chameleon
to advance in his adventure by intelligently moving
the chameleon and other objects.

You will be able to move many objects
such as a tree, a car, a bed, the toilet bowl and more.

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Votre objectif est d'aider un petit cameleon
a avancer dans l'aventure en deplacant intelligements
le cameleon et les autres objets.

Vous pourrez deplacer de nombreux objets
comme un arbre, une voiture, un lit, la cuvette des toilettes et plus encore.

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Ny tanjonao dia ny manampy tanalahy kely
handroso amin'ny tantarany amin'ny alalan'ny famindrana
ny tanalahy sy ireo zavatra manodidina.

Ho afaka mamindra zavatra maro
toy ny hazo, fiara, fandriana, fidiovana sy maro hafa.

Misy ao amin'ny
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A chameleon called Leon
who can change color will have to avoid humans.

Leon is a glutton
he likes to eat a lot and the more he moves
the hungrier he will be.

You will have to find the right path because
Leon dies if he is too hungry.
leon the chameleon animated gif red
Un cameleon qui s'appele Leon
qui peut changer de couleur devra eviter les humains.

Leon est un goinfre
il aime beaucoup manger et plus il se deplace
plus il aura faim.

Vous devrez trouver le bon chemin parce que
Leon meurt si il a trop faim.
léon le caméléon gif animé rouge
Tanalahy antsoina oe Leon
izay afaka miova loko ary matahotra olona.

Leon dia tendan-kanina
tia misakafo be izy
ary ho noana izy rehefa mihetsika.

Mila mitady izay lalana mety tsara ianao satria
ho faty i Leon raha noana be.
leon ilay tanalahy sary mihetsika mena
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Mena mena games is a small indie game development studio
from Madagascar.

If you have any questions or just want to talk
contact us on menamenagames@gmail.com

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